Masterplanning FAQ

Master planning Frequently Asked Questions

This section refers to frequently asked questions about the working of the current TAP TSI Master planning


What happens if I use another standard (if permitted according to TAP and if the same functions are covered) than the one described in the TAP Implementation Guides (IGs)?

Indicate this within the free text field. If relevant, indicate when you intend to change.

What happens if I do not produce my masterplan by 31 December 2012?

The deadline was approved by the TAP TSI Steering Committee and is considered binding. The TAP TSI project team is not in a position to sanction any non- or late delivery, but it is to be expected that the Member State will insist on timely completion as required by the Regulation.

How binding will my answers be? What happens if I have to modify my plans after having sent them by the end of December 2012?

Your answers end of December 2012 are to be given as best estimates based on your knowledge at this point of time. If at a later stage you have sound reasons to modify them, it is advised you communicate those reasons to the TAP TSI project as well as an updated plan so this can be taken into account in the consolidation (January – April 2013) and in future revisions of the consolidated European masterplan.

In my home country/ on my network there is carrier competition and I do not want my competitors to know my plans. Will my answers remain confidential?

The consolidated European masterplan, embracing individual company responses, will be the main plan that will be monitored during the implementation phase. However, other railways and third parties, notably public authorities and ticket vendors, will need to know the compliance dates so that they know when they can exercise their rights given to them by the TAP TSI Regulation. Your compliance dates therefore need to be public. This is especially if you have dates significantly deviating from other RUs. The reasons for being an outlier could be considered confidential, though. Please note that you may want to seek legal advice on this matter.

Are there translations of the Phase One deliverables, notably of the Implementation Guides, and of the ERA Technical Documents?

In line with the TAP TSI project’s rules of procedure all project communications and deliverables are in English only. You may want to ask your Member State or National Enforcement Body to provide translations. The project team is also seeking advice from the EU Commission on how to ensure all relevant TAP TSI documents will be fully understood by the stakeholders’ experts.
In case you need a local language version of the TAP TSI Regulation (Commission Regulation (EU) 454/2011 of 5 May 2011), please consult the following link:

Response Template (Excel file “TAP Masterplan Template Final.xls"

Is the Excel template the only document to be submitted?

The template is the minimum information required in order to create an overall Masterplan. The relevant dates need to be in the template. Any additional info explaining your Railway Undertaking/ Infrastructure Manager/ Station Manager timeline, preconditions etc is welcomed. This can be submitted in additional documents in case the free text fields of the template are not sufficient or in case general information not linked to single activities needs to be transmitted. Your additional information helps the TAP team to identify common topics relevant for the sector consolidation or for the final masterplan deliverable.

What does column K "Reasons for any difference with outline plan in TAP TSI Masterplan" stand for?

This column is not relevant for RU/IM standards (activities 1 to 5), but only for the Retail obligations (activities 6 to 11).
It serves RUs to explain why one or more of the obligations listed in the template cannot be met by 2016, the compliance milestone estimated by the Phase One project team. Reasons for missing that milestone may be, for example, that your company’s current system has only been implemented recently and will not be depreciated before 201X. This column also allows to explain if the above milestone will not be met at all, e.g. if our company only operates regional trains with no reservation capability.

RU/IM matters

Is RU/IM planning with or without Train ID?

The plan is about whenever the Railway Undertaking/ Infrastructure Manager/ Station Manager is able to send/ receive the respective message, either with current identifiers (as explained in chapter 8 of the RU/IM Implementation Guide) or with new Train IDs (as described in the Train ID handbook); whatever the earliest. It is advisable to mention within the text fields which approach is used for this function.

TAP Master Plan Final Delivery 28 April 2013
TAP Masterplanning QA session - Final minutes

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